Basic Adventure Race Day Nutrition

Race day nutrition is one of the key aspects of adventure racing. It's also one of the aspects that differentiates adventure racing from a lot of other sports which don't last as long. Do a sprint triathlon and even if you don't eat or drink at all during the race you'll probably be fine. But the average sprint adventure race is going to last 6 hours so if you don't get the right amount of food and water in you during that time, you are going to be hurting severely by the end and may not even finish. Taking in adequate food and water gets even more difficult as you proceed past sprint races, but that's beyond the scope of this page.

While this page focuses on race day nutrition, your nutrition in the week or so prior to the race is also very important. Make sure to carb-load by eating a high carbohydrate diet in the 3-4 days prior to a race. This will max out your muscle glycogen levels which has proven benefits in endurance events. Taking in adequate water is also important so you aren't starting the race dehydrated. Your urine should be about the color of lemonade. Any darker or lighter than that and be sure to adjust your water intake accordingly.

See the following pages for each aspect of race day nutrition.